THC-O Cartridges

Made in the USA and 100% natural, THC-O is a new, cutting-edge cannabinoid (derived from hemp just like delta-8). THC-O is known for its anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, appetite-stimulating, and stress-reducing properties.

Refillable oil cartridges filled with Delta-8 oil. These cartridges come in assorted flavors and are made to be both compact and convenient. 


Qty : 950 mg 1ml


Tropicana Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers the best of both worlds—sweet and citrusy flavors—into one strain. With an energetic, euphoric high that’s tempered by an earthy cookie flavor, this strain strikes a perfect balance between taste and effects. From lunch to work to late-night tasks around the house, Tropicana Cookies is sure to transport your mind straight to paradise.


Qty : 950 mg 1ml


Forbidden Fruit is a deliciously tantalizing indica blend, crossed between Cherry Pie and Tangie. Coming with dark purple foliage and a remarkable grapefruit flavor, this little fruit is known for its enticing fragrance and euphoric effects, as well as its overall potency. This strain is sure to cause deep relaxation and pleasure, so beware users! Satisfy those cravings with Forbidden Fruit, the perfect remedy for desire.


Qty : 950 mg 1ml


Wedding Cake is a heavy and full-bodied THCO strain for those who want to take the edge off and relax their mind. With an earthy pepper flavor profile and effects that calm body pain and quell insomnia, this sedating Indica-hybrid is sure to entertain all your senses.


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