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HHC Disposable Slurricane

This strain has a sweet flavor profile, with subtle grape and sugary berries. Slurricane is the ideal strain for relaxing after a long day and will likely leave you locked to your sofa.

Qty : 1ML


A crossover of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch, Slurricane is the perfect indica strain to help you relax after a long day. It’s an invigorating, creative blend that slowly creates dreamy feelings with its grape and sugary berry aroma before sending users down into their sofas for some much-needed rest.

  1. Happy Toker

    It’s Slurricane time! I love this vape so much that I had to get a few extra for my girl and my homie. I like how it comes pre-charged too, so you can just start hitting it right away. Be careful though, my first rip nearly made me black out, haha. Very strong.

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