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Cherry Lemon Gelato – THCa Flower (3.5g)

Say hello to Cherry Lemon Gelato, a special mix of Sunset Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies. Our Cherry Lemon Gelato THCa Flower is grown with care and picked by hand to ensure its super strong and fresh. With refreshing notes of lemon, berry, and citrus, this strain packs a flavorful punch. Not to mention, it has 23.060% THCa, 0.153% Delta 9 THC, and 0.814% CBGA for that full-spectrum experience. Bottom line, this strain strikes a balance between relaxation and amazing taste.

Cannabinoid Content:
THCa – 23.060%
Delta 9 – 0.153%
CBGA – 0.814%
Total – 24.31%

🌿 Genetics: Blueberry X Haze

Strain Type: Hybrid

Flavor/Taste Notes: Lemon, Berry, Citrus

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