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Catskill Hemp stocks only the best, premium vape batteries on the market. Our Pro Dose line of 510-threaded vape batteries fit all of our signature carts. Pick up a battery and cart today and enjoy the best vaping experience on the market.


What are vape batteries?

Our cartridge batteries are rechargeable and are used to power the heating part of the vaporizers. It sends energy to the heating coil situated in the device. This vaporizes the e-liquid from a cartridge or “cart”.

Do note that using the recommended cart battery for your vaping device is vital for better functionality.

What are 510 threaded vape batteries?

These small, elegant-looking, pocket-friendly batteries are a type of vape battery. It got its name (510) because of its threading style. It refers to the specific thread pattern and has set a benchmark in the industry for its ability to easily connect with various components, such as wax cartridges and vape tanks.

510 threaded batteries are the most common batteries used by cart manufacturers.

Is a 510 cartridge battery right for you?

Before buying, you should consider some factors regarding the vape pen’s safety, performance, and compatibility.

  1. Check Your Carts: Make sure the battery is compatible with your carts.
  2. Battery Type: Decide the type of battery you require – inbuilt or external. The inbuilt battery has a short lifespan but is convenient, while the external battery has a better life and can be replaced as needed.
  3. Capacity: Each battery has a maximum running capacity before it needs to be recharged. Understand your vaping habits. If you are a heavy vaper, consider opting for a higher-capacity battery.
  4. Brand and Quality: Always trust reputable brands while purchasing your vape battery online. It’s recommended not to buy from counterfeit or small brands as it may lead to safety issues.
  5. Check for reviews: Check customer reviews and read vape forums to understand the cartridge battery’s suitability, reliability, and performance.

How to maintain a 510-threaded cartridge battery?

Hemp device batteries should be stored in a dry and cool place whenever possible. Avoid exposing the battery to extreme heat. Remember to recharge the battery regularly and refrain from mishandling the cart batteries for safety concerns.

What are the advantages of 510-threaded wax batteries?

  1. Compatibility: 510-threaded batteries are easily compatible with vaping devices and cartridges. It is a standard and most desirable battery as its features help users mix and match other components.
  2. Variety: 510 hemp batteries come in numerous sizes and designs. The most common preferences are – slim vape pens and box mods.
  3. Portability: The compact feature allows convenience and easy portability.
  4. Easy to Use: 510 batteries are simple to use. You just screw your vaping cart into the battery and start your vaping journey!
  5. Availability: Due to its popularity, simplicity, and ease of use, 510-threaded batteries are readily available.

Does Catskill Hemp Co. Offer 510-threaded cartridge batteries?

Yes. Catskill is a reputable vaping brand that offers Pro Dose 510 batteries. They come in different shades – Gunmetal and Black. These cart batteries have an automatic pre-set voltage, OLED display, adjustable height, and a dual oil and wax heating option.